Hannah in White and Purple Pt. 2

In my last post I showed the color studies I painted prior to tackling the finished paintings. Additionally, I worked out some drawing and composition problems before I began a very loose charcoal drawing in which I placed my big shapes on the canvas. From there I blocked in the head first trying to get the right values.

The very beginning strokes of the block in.

Loading my brushes with a lot of paint and just a touch of medium allowed the paint to stay wet for a long time, so I could work out my edges and drawing.

Refining the block in.

From here, I felt I had a good start and wanted to begin working out how the color of the blouse, hat and landscape would harmonize. Once I had those colors and values loosely blocked in, I was able to go in and refine the head to completion. It took a lot of tweaking, blending and refining.

Detail of “Hannah in White” by Anthony Cramer