Hannah in White and Purple Pt. 3

Hannah “Purple” – Anthony Cramer

The second painting I did of Hannah, was completed in a much quicker time period. I finished the head, with the exception of a few final touches in one afternoon. The thick paint, practice sketches and painting the previous portrait of Hannah all helped me to prepare for this one.

Initial block in wit charcoal to place shapes, and paint to get value and color.

Again I used thick paint, with a very small amount of medium for the block in. From the block in, I brushed more paint into the fluid wet paint, which allowed me to work the edges and push the values once I had the basic drawing down.

Tightening up the drawing and color.

Once the head was completed I loosely worked the coat, hand and background. I had to do several studies of the cherry blossoms color and value, eventually going back and doing one from life again. As I finished, I tried not to over refine sections of the painting. I wanted to keep some sections loose and the face to remain the tightest section. And just to show I was done, I put a gold frame on it.