Skulls and Moths

 This year I want to share more from inside my studio and life around art. I’ll start with some of the pieces I have recently finished. In addition to skulls, lately I have been painting some moths after receiving a beautiful gift of a framed Ornithoptera Goliath Samson put together by Josh Hydler.

Death's Head Moth - Anthony Cramer, 2015


The first was a death’s head moth.  After enjoying the experience I then I wanted to play with more color, and did this one with reds, greys, and dashes of pink. Both of these pieces are 4×6 inches. The patterned wings remind me of the looseness and brushwork of one of my favorite painters Edouard Vuillard.

Pink Moth - Anthony Cramer, 2016

I have also continued to use skulls as a way to experiment with different aspects on painting that I am curious about. Both of these skulls are 8×10’s. The first is done to capture a more neutral and natural lighting situation, the second was less restrained and I played up the turquoise and blue’s of my lighting setup. Both skulls are for sale through the shop link.

Night Skull, Anthony Cramer, 2016

Night Skull, Blue - Anthony Cramer, 2016