April Update

Lately I have been spending most of my studio time working on a new series that I hope to begin sharing in the very near future. While working on this new series I have also done several more small pieces. This portrait study was done for fun while experimenting with some new ideas.

"Black and Red" Study, 8x10", oil on linen
“Black and Red” Study, 8×10″, oil on linen

Here are two new skull pieces as well. Both are 8×10″. More of a natural study, the first was done in normal daylight. I wanted to paint the piece as it appeared by the light of the window. The morning daylight out so many unexpected beautiful hues. It was a pleasure to be able to capture the impression in the early morning. Well, early for me anyway.

Anthony Cramer - "Window Skull" - 8x10", oil on linen panel
“Window Skull” – 8×10″, oil on linen panel

This blue skull began with the acidic reds and I wanted to use a strong blue to conceal some of, but not all the reds beneath. The thick strokes of cools and alizarin add even more vibrancy.

Anthony Cramer - "Night Skull - Blue" - 8x10", oil on linen panel
“Night Skull – Blue” – 8×10″, oil on linen panel

Next time I hope to share some progress on a new series of pieces I have started.


Skulls and Moths

 This year I want to share more from inside my studio and life around art. I’ll start with some of the pieces I have recently finished. In addition to skulls, lately I have been painting some moths after receiving a beautiful gift of a framed Ornithoptera Goliath Samson put together by Josh Hydler.

Death's Head Moth - Anthony Cramer, 2015


The first was a death’s head moth.  After enjoying the experience I then I wanted to play with more color, and did this one with reds, greys, and dashes of pink. Both of these pieces are 4×6 inches. The patterned wings remind me of the looseness and brushwork of one of my favorite painters Edouard Vuillard.

Pink Moth - Anthony Cramer, 2016

I have also continued to use skulls as a way to experiment with different aspects on painting that I am curious about. Both of these skulls are 8×10’s. The first is done to capture a more neutral and natural lighting situation, the second was less restrained and I played up the turquoise and blue’s of my lighting setup. Both skulls are for sale through the shop link.

Night Skull, Anthony Cramer, 2016

Night Skull, Blue - Anthony Cramer, 2016